SEPTEMBER 7-8, 2023
United Cities Forum
September, 7, 2023
10.00 - 12.00
Plenary session «Urban diplomacy as an important factor in the development of modern international
Nowadays, in the context of globalization, the diplomacy of the worlds leading cities is actively developing.

International relations allow us to unite the interests of cities and implement the most promising projects. It is cities that can become the true drivers of national economies. Decentralized cooperation at the municipal level makes it possible to smooth out the sharp edges of world politics.
In the modern international space, organizations of inter-municipal cooperation promote the partnership of cities in various fields in order to ensure their sustainable development, promote values of public diplomacy, strengthen trust, mutual understanding and friendship between peoples and states.

What are the most effective tools of urban diplomacy? What areas and directions are the most promising for the implementation of joint projects in the coming years? How can national and international organizations and institutions contribute to the development of new and strengthening of existing international relations of cities?
13.00 - 15.00
Twin cities and expanding horizons: successful experience and new goals
One of the earliest and most effective forms of inter-municipal cooperation is twinning and partnership. Many cities have many years of positive experience of cooperation and exchange of competencies within the framework of twinning. At the same time, there are often a large number of "dormant" agreements that have not been implemented in practice since their conclusion. One of the most common obstacles in the implementation of twinning agreements is the lack of appropriate funding.

What are the key factors for the successful implementation of twinning and partnership agreements? How do modern technologies contribute to the development and strengthening of twinning relations in conditions of limited funding? What effective tools and sources of financing for the implementation of joint projects exist?
15.30 - 17.30
A city for residents. Involvement, participation, dialogue. Joint implementation of public space projects
In recent years, the creation of open and inclusive public spaces has become a priority for many cities around the world. At the same time, it is important that the residents themselves take an active part in determining the way the city should change and transform.

Building a constructive dialogue with residents at all stages of implementation is the key to acceptance and appreciation of the implemented urban projects by the population. To date, the world has accumulated a lot of positive experience in involving residents in solving issues of improving the urban environment.

What is the key to success in the development of public spaces? Which participants should be invited to the team of such a project and at what stages? What instruments of involving the population in the implementation of urban programs have shown their effectiveness? How to increase the satisfaction of residents with urban projects?
13.00 - 14.30
Preservation of historical heritage as the basis of the identity of a modern city
Cities that arise in different historical periods and under different conditions have their own unique appearance. In the context of globalization and active architectural and urban development, the problem of the loss of the historical identity of cities is frequently emerging.

With the increase in the number of residents, cities are forced to expand the territory and increase the density of buildings. At the same time, it is important to preserve the unique objects of cultural and historical heritage, which are the basis of identity and components of the so-called «spirit of place». Careful attitude to local traditions during the construction of new architectural objects, especially in the historical center, also has a positive effect on the formation and preservation of urban identity.
How do modern cities combine dynamic urban development and preservation of their historical uniqueness? Which historical heritage preservation projects have become the most effective?
September, 8, 2023
15.00 - 16.30
According to a number of parameters, cooperation with China is the most optimal for Russia. Such cooperation can be supported by an unprecedented high level of political relations, the already established base of economic partnership, Russia's need for Chinese goods and technologies and China's reciprocal interest in the emerging Russian market. The relations between two powers are distinguished by the highest level of trust, cooperation and high strategic value. Despite the pandemic and the global economic downturn, two countries have maintained and continued to increase trade relations.

What are the prospects for trade and economic cooperation and the areas that need to be developed?

How can the state support major Russian-Chinese projects?
The Forum is organized by the Municipality of Kazan in cooperation with the International Association "UCLG Eurasia"